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Walls and doors

In collaboration with our clients and architects, we have developed dozens of different interior door, panel and partition wall solutions and installed them on many objects over the span of 20 years.

Merianto’s partition walls consist of factory-made modules that are easy to transport and assemble on-site. Special seals are installed between the modules to ensure soundproofing.

When making partition walls, we mainly use MDF, plywood, solid wood and aluminium profiles. The maximum dimensions of the wall modules also vary depending on the solution.

In addition to glass, all flat materials can be used to fill partitions – for example, fabric-covered panels, veneered or painted panels, melamine, laminate or PVC panels, etc. The strength, transparency and soundproofing of glass as the most commonly used material is universal and creates many possibilities. Laminated safety glass and/or tempered glass is used for safety and soundproofing. All glasses can me matted, taped and tinted.

We know that doors and electricial boxes are an integral part of partition walls.

Merianto’s product range includes:


Interior doors

Public bathroom walls

WALL panels