KOTA seat furniture (by Arkkitehtitoimisto Aarne von Boehm Oy)

Since 2004, Merianto has participated in the creation of complete furniture and furnishing solutions in numerous hospitals, medical centres, pharmacies, museums, schools, kindergartens, office buildings, offices and homes, in Estonia, Finland and elsewhere. Our main clients are large construction companies who have trusted us with implementing the work of top designers and architects.

In addition to routine works, Merianto OÜ has completed interior design projects for highly demanding sites, such as Finlandiatalo, Suomen Kansallisooppera, Saami Parlament and Helsinki Children’s Hospital, as well as the furnishing works following the renovation of the Riigikogu (Estonian Parliament) and the North Estonian Medical Centre.

You will find a selection of our most important works below, and in the image galleries. Please have a closer look!



Solo Sokos Hotel Torni (Sokotel/Haahtela) hotelrooms 155pcs, restaurants and SPA, Helsinki (gallery)

Tanssin Talo Kaapelitehtaalla (Haahtela) specialfurniture of officebuilding, counters, kitchens Helsinki



Urhea-halli (Indepro) special furniture of National Olympic Training Center, Helsinki

Estonian Embassy in Ottawa special- and officefurniture, kitchens, softfurniture, Ottawa

Roukon Yhtenäiskoulu (YIT) furniture of school – kitchens, partitions, wardrobes, sinktops, etc, Valkeakoski

Valteri-koulu Ruskis (NCC) furniture of school – kitchens, partitions, wardrobes, sinktops, etc, Helsinki

Juslenia Turku (Skanska) wardrobes, wallpanels, counters etc specialfurniture, Turku

K-Group main office K-Kampus (Haahtela) – wall panels, furniture, wardrobes, kitchens, Helsinki (gallery)

Leppävaaran Monikko (SRV) – furniture of school – kitchens, partitions, wardrobes, sinktops, etc, Espoo (gallery)

KELA Pitäjänmäki (YIT) – kitchens, wardrobes, sinktops, Helsinki

YLE lähetyskeskus (R4) – special furniture, adjust worktables, doors, Helsinki



Rantatien Loikka officebuilding (Skanska) special furniture, kichens, sinktops, wardrobes, Helsinki

Olympiastadion (Skanska)  partitions, counters, spec furniture, composite tops, Helsinki

Vallila Folks Hotel furniture of rooms, lobby, restaurants, Helsinki

Pelgulinna Sünnitusmaja (Vanalinna Ehitus) Pelgulinna Womens Clinic – special furniture of rooms, kitchens, wall panels, Tallinn

Soljan Lastentalo (Pallas) kindergarden furniture, kitchens, partitions, wardrobes, sinktops, Pirkkala

Estonian Embassy in Rome ( ARS Projekt) special furniture, soft furniture (gallery)

Etera-talo, Aava (YIT) special furniture, kichens, doors, Helsinki

HML Toimistotalo (Jatke) special furniture, kichens, sinktops, wardrobes, wall panels, Hämeenlinna

Warner Music Tallinn – special furniture

Koy Keilalampi (YIT)  – special furniture, kichens, sinktops, wardrobes, Helsinki



Messuhotelli (YIT) –  special furniture of lobby, sofas,  wall panels, toilets, counters, Helsinki (gallery)

K-Group main office K-Kampus (Haahtela) –  wall panels, furniture, wardrobes, kitchens, Helsinki (gallery)

Jorvin Saraala (Rakennuspartio) –  stainless steel  furniture of hospital, pass-through cabinets  Helsinki

Rajatorpantie 8 (Consti) –  composite sinktops  and cabinets, Vantaa

Leipätehdas (NHK)  –  specialfurniture for office and bar, Helsinki

ITIS Cinema (Skanska) – composite sinktops and cabinets of cinema, Helsinki

Tartu Ülikooli üliõpilaskodu  –  furniture of 75 rooms for universiti kampus, Tartu

Universal Music Finland –  special furniture, kitchens, sofas, cabinets, tables, Helsinki

Lääne-Tallinna Keskhaigla – hospital furniture, medical cabinets, Tallinn

Mikkelin Keskussairaala – hospital furniture, medical cabinets, Mikkeli



Amos Rex museo (Haahtela) –  special furniture of art museum, kitchens, corian tops, Helsinki (gallery)

REDI keskus –  corian wall panels, sink tops, partitions, Helsinki

Metrolia Koulutuskeskus (YIT) – furniture of scool, kitchens, corian tops, restaurant furniture, Helsinki (gallery)

NCC toimistotalo (NCC) –  special furniture of lobby, Helsinki (gallery)

Wärtsilä Helsinki Campus (Consti) – kitchen, stone products, Helsinki

Maakri talo (Merko) – veneered wall panels of elevator halls 1-30 floors, Tallinn (gallery)

Korkeavuorenkatu 10 (NHK) – kitchens, special solutions Helsinki

Shoppiong center Pärnu mnt 22 (Merko) – glass walls ja wall panels, Tallinn

Stockmann Restaurants (Royal Ravintolat) –  special solution of Stockmann restaurants, Helsinki

Talma Golf –  restaurant furniture of golf center, Talma

Sakkaroosi Tiilitalo (NHK) – kitchens, Helsinki

Maistraatinportti 2 (FIRA) – lockers, sinktops etc  furniture of office building, Helsinki

Öpiku officebuilding in Tallinn (Merko) – wall panels of lobby  (gallery)

Tampere University Hospital, D-wing (SRV) – special medical furniture, kitchens, counters, wardrobes, corian products, (gallery)

Sakkaroosi Tiilitalo (Nurminen Works) – kitchens, Helsinki



Palace Royal Ravintolat (Skanska) – counters, wall panels, wardrobes, corian sinktops, kitchens, Helsinki (gallery)

Fastighets Ab Glaspalatset i Helsinfors(Lasipalatsi) –  custom office furniture, Helsinki (gallery)

Exel (E-Sports Group Oy) – sports equipment showroom furnishings, podiums, stands, wall panels, Espoo (gallery)

Tallinn Women`s Hospital – Medical cabinets (gallery)

Handelsbanken Helsinki (NCC) – kitchens, wardrobes, counters, sofas (gallery)

Lasipalatsi (Haahtela) – officefurniture, Helsinki

HARTELA toimistotalo (Ruutupuu) – special furniture for office, wall panels, kitchen, wardrobes, Helsinki

Vääksyntie officebuilding  – special furniture for office, wall panels, kitchen, wardrobes, Helsinki (gallery) 

Hermannin Rantatie (YIT) – special furniture for office, wall panels, kitchen, wardrobes, Helsinki

Vantaan Energia (Fira) – solid glass wall solutions, doors (gallery) 

Fresenius – lpecial furniture of healltcare center, Tallinn

Plastic Surgery Center Helsinki – partition walls and doors, Helsinki

Pasilanportti, Fennia (Fira) – wall panels of office building, Helsinki (gallery)  –  special furniture for office, wall panels, kitchen, wardrobes, stage, Helsinki (gallery)

Hanasaaren kultturikeskus – corian sinktops, partitions, wc furniture, Helsinki (gallery)

Nurmijärven Monitoimitalo (Skanska) – veneered wall panels, acustic elements (gallery)

Sandro Tapiola, Tuulikinsillan paviljonki  – restaurants furniture, tables, counters, Espoo  (gallery)

Port of Helsinki, MT2 (YIT) – counters, benches, corian sinktops, kitchens (gallery)

North Estonian Medical Center   – medical furniture, Tallinn

Iso Omena Center   – corian sinktops, kitchens, storage shelve, Helsinki (gallery)

Estonian National Museum   – syclorama, Tartu/Estonia

TREDU, Avoniikka lennonopetus – kitchens, stainless steel furniture, wardrobes, Tampere



KOY Sipoon PT-Logistiikkakeskus (Freeway)  – kitchens, restaurant desks, sinktops, Sipoo

Auroran koulu (NCC)  – partition walls and doors, solid wood constructions, Espoo (gallery)

Svenska Normallyceum (NCC)  – partition walls and special furniture of school, Helsinki (gallery)

AITIO Business Park Verdi (NCC)  – sinktops, steel constructions of entrance, Helsinki

Clarion Hotel Helsinki (HENT)  – special furniture, bar and reception counters (gallery)

Turun Normaalikoulu (Skanska)  – partition walls and doors of school, Turku

Tampereen kansanvälinen koulu (SRV) – part A, special furniture of school, kitchens, partition walls and doors,  Tampere (gallery)

AALTO Kampuskirjasto (NCC)  – special furniture of library, vitrins, kitchens, wardrobes, Espoo (gallery)

Tuomelan Koulu (LUJATALO)  – special seat furniture of school, Hämeenlinna (gallery)



Valteri-koulu, Onerva  (SRV) – school furniture, Jyväskylä (gallery)

The National Library of Finland – tables, counters, wardrobes, special units, Helsinki

HUS Hospital  – medical furniture, counters, cupboards, Helsinki

Koy Alberga D talo (NCC) – special furniture of toilets, Helsinki

Scandic Oscar (Vallila Contract)  – hotelfurniture, corian-sinks and surfaces, Varkaus

Etera Insurance (Lemminkäinen) – special furniture, corian surfaces, kitchens, Helsinki

Hotel Indigo, Bulevardi 26 (NCC/Restel) – hotel furniture, restaurants, Helsinki (gallery)

THL – National Institute for Health and Welfare (NCC) – specialfurniture, toilets, counters, wardrobes, Helsinki (gallery)

Railway Station of Tikkurila  (YIT) – customer service desks, Vantaa  (gallery)

School of Hirvikoski (NCC) – schoolfurniture, wardrobes, storages, stainless steel furniture,  Loimaa  (gallery)

HUSLAB (SRV) – kitchens, wardrobes, specialfurniture – Helsinki (gallery)

Healt center Rajamäki (Fira Oy) – special furniture of healt center, kitcens etc., Rajamäki

Finnish International School of Tampere (SRV) – schoolfurniture, glass-partition walls, doors, storages, kooli, Tampere

Datacity Turku (NCC) – office furiture, wardrobes, Turku

Koy Estradi (FIRA) – partition walls and doors in officebuildng, Helsinki (gallery)



Malmi Hospital  (YIT) – special furniture of hospital, Helsinki  (gallery)

University of Helsinki, Unioninkatu 35 (Lemminkäinen Talo) – kitchens, glass-steel partition walss, doors, auditorium furniture, Helsinki (gallery)

Swinmming-pool of Siuntio (Vallila) – corian benches, wardrobes, racks, Siuntio

North Estonian Medical Center  (Merko)  – glass-walls and doors,  corian counters, nurse-stations, kitchens, etc. Tallinn (gallery)

Embassy of Estonia in China (Ministry of Foreign Affair Estonia) – specialfurniture of embassy, chairs,rugs, blinds, Peking (gallery)

ELY Center (UH Rakennus) – glass-partition wallsm furniture, Helsinki

North Estonian Medical Center  – stainless steel furniture, procedure rooms, storages, Tallinn 

ORION factory  – stainless steel furniture, sinktops and units, cupboards, Espoo

Karakallio School (NCC) – acoustic panels of auditorium, Espoo (gallery)

Railway Station of Helsinki (UH Rakennus) – kitchens, archive furniture, Helsinki

Bronda restaurant – special furniture, wine cabinet, stone tops, sinks, Helsinki (gallery)

Dome Church of Tallinn  – special furniture (gallery)



Luontokeskus Haltia (YIT) – Finnish Nature Centre, special furniture, Espoo (gallery)

Koulutuskeskus Tavastia (Lujatalo Oy) – Tavastia Education Consortium, furniture, Hämeenlinna (gallery)

Lampan Talo (NCc Rakennus Oy) – durat worktops, sinks, special furniture, wall panels, Helsinki (gallery)

Hotel Cumulus Hämeenpuisto (Vallila Interior Oy) – hotel furniture (177 rooms), wall panels, Tampere

Koy Alberga C talo (NCC) – glasspanels, bufee and furniture, Espoo (gallery)

Vantaan Energia jätevoimalaitos – glasswalls and doors, mirrors, Vantaa (gallery)

Nordea, AKK7 (FIRA Oy) – kitchens, Wardrobes, Helsinki (gallery)

Wanha Mestari Pub Lahti (Vallila Interior Oy) – special furniture of pub, sofas, Lahti

Lahden Seurahuone (Hämeenmaan Kiinteistöt) – warderobes, Lahti

Helsingin Yliopisto (NCC) – kitchens and Durat sinktops, Helsinki

KOY Töölönlahden Toimistotalo (Lemminkäinen) – doors and partition walls of office building, Helsinki (gallery)



Haukilahden Vesitorni (Skanska Infra) – special furniture for restaurant, corian sinktops, penches, Espoo (gallery)

Nikinmäen Päiväkoti (Ulf Friberg Oy) – Kindergarden furniture, glass walls, Vantaa

Senaatti-Kiinteistöt, Ratapihantie 9  – kitchens, counters, meetingrooms, Helsinki (gallery)

Hyvinkään Virastotalo (Rakennus Antti J. Ahola) – corthuse furniture, tables, kitchens, Hyvinkää (gallery)

Kaunialan Sairaala, R-osasto (Rakennustuote), hospital furniture, kitchens, sauna and sauna, Kauniainen (gallery)

Businesspark Triotto toimistotalo (YIT) – kitchens ovf business park, corian counters, glasswalls and sauna, Helsinki (gallery)

Stora Enso office (Lemminkäinen) – glasswalls, Helsinki

Helsingin Observatorio (NCC) – restoration of old furniture, ravintolan kalusteet, Helsinki (gallery)

International School of Helsinki – wardrobes and kitchenst, Helsinki

Harjunrinteen Koulu (Lujatalo OY) – school furniture, Riihimäki (gallery)

FINAVIA (Ruutupuu Oy) – corian counters of flightstation, Vantaa

Porolahden Koulu  – school furniture, glasswalls and doors, Helsinki

Koy Alberga B (NCC) – toimistotalon keittiökalusteet, Espoo

Vindängens skola och daghem (NCC) – koulukalusteet, Espoo

Paasitorni Hoteli (Skanska) – glasswalls and doors, Helsinki (gallery)

Kinaporin vanhusten palvelutalo (Lujatalo) – furniture of sanatorium, Helsinki (gallery)



Viikin Ympäristötalo (Lemminkäinen) – partition walls, Helsinki (gallery)

Kuntolan koulu (YIT) – schoolfurniture, doors, glasswalls, Järvenpää (gallery)

Kanniston koulu (YIT) – doors and glasswalls of school, Vantaa

Jätkäsaaren Pelastusasema (LTR) – kitchens, restaurant and special screens,  Helsinki

Heltech Haaga (NCC) – furniture of training center, Helsinki

Saamelaiskulttuurikeskus Sajos (KSBR) – Parliament of Saami, furniture, doors and walls, Inari

Sipoon Logistiikkakeskus (Lemminkäinen) – kitchens, Kerava

Miilin Päiväkoti (Ulf Friberg Oy) – funiture of kindergarden, Söderkulla (gallery)

Finlandiatalo  (YIT) – restaurant, marmor tops, Helsinki (gallery)

Wanha Villatehdas (SRV) – kalusteet, keittiöt, WC-seinät ja corianallastasot, Hyvinkää (gallery)



Suomen Kansallisooppera (KT Interior) – specialfurniture for opera hous, Helsinki

Helsingin Lastenklinikka (YIT) – Helsinki childrens clinic – hospital furniture, Helsinki (gallery)

Vanttilan Päiväkoti (NCC) – kindergarden furniture, Helsinki

Karamalmens skola (NCC) – school furniture, Helsinki

Suomen Eläinlääkäriliitto (Studio Bergroth) – Federation of Veterinarians, special furniture, Helsinki

Polaris Business Park Talo 7 (Lemminkäinen/NCC) – partition walls, decoration panels, kitchens,

Tapiola-Ryhmä PK2 (YIT Rakennus OY) – partition walls and doors, Espoo



Helsingin Salmisaarentalo, Hovioikeus (PEAB) – partition walls and doors, Helsinki

Tilkan Viuhka (Palmberg) – wardrobes and kitchens of business building, Helsinki

Põhja-Eesti Regionaalhaigla (Koger & Partnerid) – North Estonian Regional Hospital – reception counters, special furniture, Tallinn

Gustav Paulig, kahvipaahtimo (Lemcon) – Coffee factori Paulig, special furniture, wall panels, Helsinki (gallery)



Espoon Keskus Entresse – counters of library , Espoo (gallery)

Vuosaaren Satama (Lujatalo) – infodesks and glass walls of harbour, Helsinki (gallery)

Polaris Business Park, Talo 5 (Palmberg/NCC) – partition walls, wall panels, doors, Espoo

Kaskenlinna Kiinteistö (NCC) – kitchens, Turku

Risteilyalus FREEWINDS, Curacao (I.S. Mäkinen) – cruise liner, 62 cabins 

Polaris Business Park, Talo 6 (Palmberg, NCC) – partition walls, wall panels, doors, Espoo

Delta Plaza (Merko) – partition walls, wall panels, doors, furniture Tallinn (gallery)

Viron Parlamentin kanslia (Restor) – partition walls,  doors, Tallinn (gallery)



Malmin Terveyskeskus (KT Interior) – hospital furniture, Helsinki

Swissotel Tallinn – special furniture of Swissotel, Tallinn

Swissotel Tallinn – project managing, furniture for 237 rooms of Swissotel Tallinn

Turun Kirjasto (NCC) – special furniture of library, Turku



Risteilyalus Royal Cruises – furniture for cruiser Art Gallery, Turku

Helsingin Yliopisto – university of Helsinki, shelvs, Helsinki