Roller blinds

Roller blinds are excellent for practical purposes. Nevertheless, carefully selected roller blinds may also serve as elegant interior design elements. As it is very easy to combine roller blinds with textile curtains, the latter could be used only for giving a spacious decorative look. Thus, the main purpose of roller blinds is to adjust lighting and create a private atmosphere.

Roller blinds are made for indoor and outdoor use, for reflecting the sun or achieving a full blackout effect, and they are made of screen fabric, wood or bamboo. However, the best roller blind material is a strong fabric with a dense and even texture which is also durable and practical.

The design of roller blinds is simple and laconic, emphasizing and highlighting the window frame. For up & down movement either a chain or spring mechanism is used, which can be combined with an electrically powered drive controlled by the “smart house system”.


  • Protects from solar radiation
  • Ensures privacy
  • Serves as an interior design element


  • Fabric
    • monochrome, semi-transparent
    • semi-transparent with pattern
    • semi-transparent, light-reflective
    • monochrome, blackout
    • blackout with patternÜhevärvilised poolpimendavad
  • Screen fabric
  • Wood
  • Bamboo

Roller blinds made of semi-transparent fabric allow light to shimmer. Blackout fabrics do not let any light through thus providing a blackout effect.

Installation options

Roller blinds can be installed on the wall above the window opening or inside the opening. If installed inside the opening, be sure to take into account the dimensions of the roller mechanism so that the window could be opened after installation. For opened windows, it is not recommended to install the blinds inside the opening!

Roller tube 25 mm Bracket width 28 mm Mechanism height 40 mm Mechanism depth 50 mm Roller tube 36 mm Bracket width 29 mm Mechanism height 57 mm Mechanism depth 68 mm Roller tube 50 mm Bracket width 19 mm Mechanism height 62 mm Mechanism depth 75 mm



The roller blinds feature chain or spring mechanisms to allow convenient up & down movement. The chain length for roller blinds is 150 cm. Further, the blinds can be moved up & down with an electrically powered mechanism.


For roller blinds with a chain mechanism, pull one side of the chain loop to lift and the other to lower the blind. For spring mechanisms, the roller blind can be operated with a pull knob. To lower the blind, pull the knob downwards until the desired height is reached, and hold the knob in position until the mechanism locks automatically – then release the knob.


In home or office environments, the mechanism does not need specific maintenance over long periods. Mildly smudged or dusty fabric can be cleaned with a moist cloth while taking care not to crinkle the material.


Minimum and maximum dimensions of roller blinds


Roller blind with chain mechanism Roller blind with spring mechanism
  1. Bracket
  2. Roller tube
  3. Chain mechanism
  4. Idle roller lock pin
  1. Bracket
  2. Roller tube
  3. Pull knob
  4. Idle roller lock pin