Vertical blinds

The unique mechanism of vertical blinds allows moving the blinds to the sides and rotating the slats. Owing to this functionality, vertical blinds can direct light as necessary in offices or residential premises. Vertical blinds are made of a variety of materials, including materials with special properties, thermal fabric, blackout fabric, screen fabric and bamboo.

Vertical blinds have a very strong and specific look, but thanks to the wide range of materials they can be easily fitted to office and home environments. The mechanism of vertical blinds installed on the wall or to the ceiling does not need specific maintenance over long periods. Mildly smudged or dusty fabric can be cleaned with a moist cloth – plastic slats can be cleaned with a detergent. The vertical blinds are operated using a cord or chain. Furthermore, electrically powered and remotely controlled vertical blinds are available.

Vertical blinds

The vertical blinds are a practical solution for home and business environments. The vertical blinds are widely used due to their functionality, but their value as an interior design element is also growing. The range of slat materials allows creating a cosy environment in home and office, and the blinds protect from solar radiation and ensure privacy.


  • Protects from solar radiation
  • Ensures privacy
  • Allows adjusting the direction of light – slats rotate 180 degrees
  • Serves as an interior design element
  • Ideal for covering large windows


  • Fabric
  • Screen fabric
  • Plastic
  • Bamboo

Installation options

The vertical blinds can be installed on the ceiling, wall, or inside the window opening.


Vertical blinds are operated with a cord and chain, but are available also with electrically powered drive which is controlled using a wall-mounted switch or a remote control unit.


The control cord is used to open and close the slats. The slats are rotated around their vertical axis using a ball chain. The slats must never be pulled laterally to open the blind without first setting the slats in opened position. Otherwise, the head rail of the vertical blinds will be damaged.


For blinds with standard dimensions used in home or office environments the mechanism does not need specific maintenance over long periods. Mildly smudged or dusty fabric can be cleaned with a moist cloth while taking care not to crinkle the material. Plastic slats can be cleaned with a detergent.


The standard width of vertical slats is 127 mm. However, widths of 89 mm and 63 mm are available on request.

Minimum and maximum dimensions of vertical blinds. The maximum height of vertical blinds is 400 cm.

Slat width

Vertical blind width, cm












127 mm
89 mm
63 mm


  1. Mechanism box
  2. Rod
  3. Mechanism
  4. Stop ring
  5. Ceiling bracket
  6. Sliding piece
  7. Carrier
  8. Distance bushing
  9. Wall bracket
  10. Pull cord
  11. Chain lock
  12. Control chain
  13. Chain weight
  14. Fabric weights
  15. Bottom chain
  16. Plastic stop
  17. Slider tail
  18. Fabric support